Cell Phone Monitoring Software

#1 Mobile Monitoring Software

007PhoneSpy is the next generation Mobile Monitoring Software for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows OS phones. You can download and install 007PhoneSpy software directly on the target phone and silently capture SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Emails, Browsing History, Locations, Photos, Videos, Call Recordings, Surround Recordings and Listen in to live conversations within minutes of completing your purchase.
Parental Control Mobile Monitoring Software
007PhoneSpy enables you to keep an eye on you child’s activities. It gives you full control of your child’s phone.
  • 007PhoneSpy will always update of your child’s location.
  • You will secretely keep track of your child’s Texting and Phone Calls.
  • 007PhoneSpy enables you to protect your children from abuse and dangerous online activities.
  • If you are a concerned parent and are worried about your children, then 007PhoneSpy is your best bet.
Catch Cheating Spouse with Cell Phone Spy Software
Is your spouse unfaithful to you? Does your husband or wife make secret phone calls or texting? 007PhoneSpy is the best way to know the truth and bring out all the secrets.
  • Track every text message even when removed from phone inbox.
  • View incoming and outgoing phone call logs with all details.
  • Location tracking even when GPS is not activated on phone.
  • Call recordings, remote listening and surround recordings.
Monitor Employees with Mobile Tracking Software
Are you having doubt about your Employees’ performance? If you are an employer and your company has polices to enforce an employee’s use of company mobile devices during office hours and you wish to keep tabs on your sale persons, then 007PhoneSpy is perfect for your company.

How 007PhoneSpy Can Help You?

  • Parental control
  • Catch cheating Spouses
  • Monitor Your Employees
  • Track GPS Location
  • Backup Your Phone Data

How Can I Spy On WhatsApp Messages?

Many people, who are in a relationship, want to spy on their boyfriend or girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages. In the just opposite scenario, you may want to find out whether someone else is spying on you. Well, in this article, we are going to see in detail how you can spy on WhatsApp messages as well protect yourself from spy attempts from others.
Well, you can spy WhatsApp in several ways. You can do it on iPhones as well as Android mobile phones. We’ll first see the technique called Mac Spoofing, which is one of the most widely, adopted WhatsApp spy techniques. You can also try the Web WhatsApp to get the same done. Here you can spy on other people’s WhatsApp messages from your PC.
When you go to Google, you can see that “How to spy on WhatsApp?” is one of the most searched phrases regarding WhatsApp spying. The answer is not difficult to imagine. There are several reasons why people want to spy on other people. As stated before, you may want to find out whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. This is applicable to married couples as well. Well, they are doing it, saying that they have a good reason to do it. But the internet can be a confusing place when it comes to these applications as most of the website might have misinformation. That would only give you wrong information which you don’t want.

Is it difficult?

No, spying on WhatsApp is not difficult. It’s just that you should know how to pull it off. In this article, we are going to tell you about safe methods which have been tried and tested before. These methods work well on both Android and iPhones. These are free methods, which you can set up easily. You can also use these methods to defend against the snooping by others. However, let me tell you that spying on WhatsApp messages is illegal. But if you have got to do it, then you need to learn the techniques described below. You can spy WhatsApp from PC as well.

Mac Spoofing

We have already mentioned Mac Spoofing and let’s see how that works. This one has fewer steps which might make it look complicated, but that is not the case. Just follow the steps to the T and you will be fine. Mac Spoofing works well on both Android and Apple iOS smart phones. It uses Media Access Control to spy on the mobile device. It relies on the security code for that phone. If you go to Google and search for it, you will get detailed information as how doing it.

How to protect yourself from spying?

It is illegal to spy WhatsApp messages, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Therefore, it is important to learn the techniques to defend yourself from spying efforts made by others. First and foremost, don’t give your phone to anybody. Secondly, don’t connect your smart phone to suspicious Wi-Fi network. You can spy WhatsApp realtime with the help of a good app – 007phonespy.com!